The Churches’ Group on Funeral Services at Cemeteries and Crematoria was formed in 1982 by the mainstream Churches in England and Wales as an advisory group to co-ordinate their policies in connection with the pastoral and administrative aspects of funeral services at cemeteries and crematoria, and to represent the Churches at national level in joint discussions with public and private organisations on any matters relating to ministry at such funerals.

The Group keeps in close touch with the main organisations concerned with funeral provision and bereavement counselling. To reflect its involvement in the wider aspects of all concerned with funerals and death in our society, the Group shortened its ‘working title’ in 2002 to the Churches’ Funerals Group.

The Group meets three times a year, usually in February/March, July and October/November in London. Its membership is drawn from the following Christian Churches and other Christian bodies:

  • The Baptist Union of Great Britain
  • The Church in Wales
  • The Church of England
  • The Methodist Church
  • The Oriental Orthodox Churches
  • The Orthodox Churches
  • The Roman Catholic Church
  • The Salvation Army
  • The United Reformed Church

It operates in consultation with the Free Churches Group, the Free Church Council of Wales and the Society of Friends (Quakers).

The Churches’ Funerals Group seeks through its publications to offer advice and guidance to people preparing for the Christian funeral of a family member or friend.The Group seeks also to represent the Churches in discussions with

  • National and local Government bodies concerned with funerals and other mattters relating to the dead and the bereaved. 
  • Funeral Directors and other funeral service providers.