The following reports, conference and seminar papers have been published by the Churches’ Funerals Group. Click on any title to view a pdf of the document.


The Role of the Minister in Bereavement: Guidelines and Training Suggestions (1989)

Guidelines for Best Practice of Clergy at Funerals (1997)

Conference and Seminar papers

The Role of a Minister at a Funeral (1991)

Bereavement and Belief (1993)

Clergy and Cremation Today  (1995)

Bridging the Gap: Funeral ministry after a death in hospital (1996)

Good Funerals : Background paper for General Synod (GS Misc 539)(1998), including the transcript of the General Synod’s debate.

In addition, the Group’s bibliography of resource materials entitled Death, Dying and Bereavement is currently being revised and updated and will be published here in due course.